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Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Year 3 has got off to a good start for Gideon, he's a proficient tie-knotter already. He finds maths quite difficult but he's in the higher reading levels, as the majority of his class has English as a second language which may help him to feel more confident for the time being but perhaps will mean a more significant shock to the system if and when he re-enters an English school. His new teacher says he is enthusiastic and often wants to contribute to class discussion, which is great. He'll start choir, language and culture club and football next week. Emily has also had a good start to Year 1, with a few meltdowns to mention which one can't help but feel she may never actually grow out of, only the triggers might become more elaborately explained. The first seemed to be caused by the fact that no one was helping her to tidy her room before school, the 2nd one I have just confirmed with her, was apparently due to the fact that she doesn't like quiche. We had a lovely afternoon together today. First we made calzone, then we painted each other's nails and then we went to 'Toys 'R' Us so' she could spend some pocket money, followed by frozen yogurt. She pointed out that her heel blister had got better; "because I've been praying. Yes. Before I put my shoes on, I pray." She said. Hopefully her belief in the power of prayer will only flourish, not fizzle out.

We've just got virtual wind of the the news that one of the main international churches will be able to hold congregational meetings again next week, as long as everyone's brought their valid health code, is wearing a mask, sits in the same place each time, and doesn't bring any kids if they're under 10...guess we can wait three years. More excitingly, there are a couple of families in our compound who may be keen to start off some small fellowship gatherings soon, which will be something of a natural water spring in spiritually what has been a pretty bleak desert of a year. Hopefully we'll all be able to attend; Mike has to work weekends at the moment because he has an insane workload. Not only is he leading the Global Citizenship program, he is in charge of Educational Technology which is involving him making a huge portfolio with a deadline soon. He's teaching biology in addition to onboarding new staff and covering for of a teacher in his department who is stuck overseas. It might get better in a few months though.

I'm starting a new job in a kindergarten next week. During our team building we all were required to simultaneously do the 1980's children's disco dance that even I remember from five year old birthday parties; 'with a little bit of this and a little bit of that and shake your....(bum) do do do do". We then had to get into teams of 10 and were assigned a strip of paper 18 x 2.3 meters in size on which we had to paint a section of the gymnasium- sized painting of the school logo, which was kind of fun but the addition of brushes larger than a standard lollipop would have further enhanced the experience for sure.

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