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Celebrating Another Victory with Amelie Richeux

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The winning team at Yangcheng Hu relay event on 28 November 2020 included Amelie as the only lady runner! This year, 96 teams participated, each with 7 runners. I caught up with the star lady and Suzhou Striders member to find out more about her running talent!

Runner’s stats:

Fastest ever 5k: 19.31 minutes

Marathons: 0

2020: 2nd position in Wujiang- 10 k 8.8.20

1st lady in Suzhou Parkrun anniversary- 13.10.2020

1st position in team THUNDER relay- 28.11.2020

1/ How long have you been running?

Between 10-15 years. I did a lot of sport at school, in my childhood in France. I did in-line skating for a while, we had training three x per week and competitions at the weekends. When I moved to Germany I regularly did other sports. When I first started running I was alone or with one friend, we would regularly do a 12-15 km loop. Suzhou Striders was the first running club I ever joined.

2/ What attracted you to Suzhou Striders?

I was in the wechat group for ages before I joined! One day I was running in my compound and Michael and Gideon ran past me and invited me to come to the sessions. I was too intimidated at first but then I first started coming to parkrun in 2020 and then I tried the Tuesday track sessions and then the Sunday morning long runs.

3/ What is your favourite Suzhou Strider’s memory?

Actually yesterday, when Adam was sprinting his last 100 meters for his leg of the relay and some of us ran it with him, it was a beautiful moment. Also, I like it when someone has a birthday, you can feel the friendship vibes are strong.

4/ What is your biggest running achievement to date?

Getting a sub 20 minute parkrun time (5km).

5/ What is your favourite running shoe brand?

I always used to run in Aesics because I found them comfortable, then since coming to Suzhou, the staff at Berry Runner recommended the ‘ON’ trainers for road running and races and ‘Hoka’ for recovery and long runs. I don’t run much trail, but I wear decathlon trainers for this.

6/ Why did you move to Suzhou?

My husband had a job with the XJTLU (university) and I thought it sounded like an appealing, interesting place to move to so followed him there. Now I find it to be a nice, comfortable city to live in and I’m happy to stay!

7/ What are your top three restaurants in Suzhou?

I don’t have a top three, but I really like the small, local noodle houses, I love the noodle soups, dumplings, rice and vegetables, tomato and egg and eggplant dishes.

8/ Can you tell us about your weekly running routine?

It depends on the season, I run less in winter. I tend to go to the treadmill in the gym more in winter as I’m like a cat; I don’t like the rain or cold! In summer months, I tend to run 4-5 x per week, I mix long and short distances, do the track Tuedays which is intensive, do the Saturday parkrun 5km distance, then 13-16 km on the Sunday morning long run.

I also do other sports to keep fit, such as swimming two km twice per week, I also do Thai boxing three times per week, which is cardio and muscular training.

10/ What advice would you give to new runners?

Take it easy, step by step. Your motivation may be good, but watch out for injury. Let your body adapt to your new motivation. Vary the pace while you train and make sure you get a good pair of trainers!

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