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Global Citizenship and International Women's Day

Yesterday, Dulwich International High School celebrated International Women’s Day and Global Citizenship and I assisted Mike to arrange bill boards and bunting and provide a stall for the Eden charity, I also offered a nail painting service, which no one wanted.

The earliest Women's Day was held on 28th February 1909 in New York, organised by the Socialist Party of America. Globally, International Women’s Day has been observed since 1911.

Today, International Women’s Day is observed in many corners of the globe as a chance to reflect, appreciate and resolve to improve the rights of women and girls everywhere. International Women’s Day also provides a chance to reflect on the women who have shaped our experience, either in leadership or in walking alongside us.

Students were encouraged by Mike to write a pledge or a reflection on the ‘choose to challenge’ window.

Students and a few staff also supported and engaged with many of the stalls showcasing incredible student-lead sustainability, global citizenship and charity projects, such as teaching art in migrant schools and developing a green bio-pesticide. One of the most popular stalls was a cycling-powered smoothie station where kinetic energy from the cycling efforts was utilised in the process of creating banana smoothies!

Everyone enjoyed tasty bites from different countries at the ‘taste the nations’ stalls and colourful displays provided a brilliant salutation to student efforts towards the ‘teaspoons of change’ agenda in line with the United Nations Sustainability goals

Overall, it was surprisingly under-supported by staff but students enjoyed it and were hopefully inspired by some of the themes.

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