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Land of Silk and Honey

Welcome to my blog! I'm an expat based in Suzhou, China. If you haven't heard of Suzhou before, it's a like a sister city to Shanghai, about two hours drive West. I like to blog about navigating family life in a foreign culture and our travels, (before the covid-19 travel bans of course)! Some of the early entires are about our experiences of Penang Island, Malaysia as it was there that we found ourselves as crisis migrants in the first sweep of the Covid-19 pandemic. God put it on my heart, or rather my finger tips, to thrash out some of my observations via a blog because I was so in love with the island, I was oozing the need to frame some of the wonder and beauty in words. The blogs that followed vary in themes, some are like a diary of events, some are reflections and there are occasional recipes. My plan is to host some interviews here so that you can find out more about some of the wonderful people we've met along the way! Thanks for reading!

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