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This is Eden

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Last weekend took Gideon and Mike to Nanjing for a family 5 km race. Gideon narrowly missed first position because he stopped for a toilet break en route but his prizes for coming second included flight tickets to Guizhou, (one of the most rural areas in far western China), a massage gun and some Paul Frank water bottles! So, Gideon is seemingly speeding up for races and we also found out from his teacher at parents evening yesterday, that he tends to rush through all his school work too, (which we've noticed with homework)! Somehow we have to figure out together that life is not a perpetual race!

Whilst the boys were away the girls had sales events through Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. The Arts Collective had collaborated with various vendors to host a Christmas market and I was selling for This is Eden. It was my first market event and it was fun but exhausting and we made a lot of sales! This is Eden is a ministry that helps women in Asia out of trafficking and abusive employment situations into safety. Some of the ladies find new employment through Eden in making jewelry. There are several collections, all with equally stunning items and many of the pieces carry an individual story of hope or rescue and a theme of hope, faith, justice or love. Please go to to find out more about this charity's amazing work.

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